Technopark İstanbul: Located on campus companies 4,691 numbered technology development zones all incentives and advantages of the facilities.


The Advantages of Technology Development Zones Law No. #4961 
1- The revenues gained by the managing company via the applications of this Law and the revenues gained by the taxpayers that reside in the Zone via R&D practices are exempt from Income and Corporate Tax until December 31st, 2023. 
2- Internet, System Management, Data Management, Business Applications, Mobile and Military Command Control Software Applications, that are generated exclusively in the Zone, by the entrepereneurs residing in the Zone during the time of Income and Corporate Tax exemptions are free from Value Added Tax. This is valid until December 31st, 2023. 
3- Wages and earnings of Researchers, software developers, R&D personnel, support personnel are exempt from all taxes until December 31st, 2023. The number of support personel cannot be more than 10% of that of that R&D personnel. 
4- Enterprises can make the investments required for production of the technology product they obtain as a result of R&D projects they started and finalized in the Zone if managing company deems necessary and the Ministry gives permission. 
5- 50% of employer's share of social security premium will be covered by government for 5 years until December 31st, 2023. 

Why Teknopark Istanbul?
1- All companies located in Teknopark Istanbul can benefit from all advantages and incentives of the Technology Development Zones Law No. #4691. 
2- Firm support of our partners, Undersecretariat for Defence Industries and Istanbul Chamber of Commerce for companies. 
3- Teknopark Istanbul is easily accessible by sea (Pendik Port and Pendik Marina), rail (the Trans-Anatolian Railroad), road (Trans-European Motorway and the E-5/D-100), and air (Sabiha Gokcen International Airport). 
4- Over forty universities, hundreds of research institutions and tens of thousands of young researchers can make easy for companies to connect academia. 
5- Teknopark Istanbul provides services such as start-up and business development consultancy, legal consultancy and project development via Technology Transfer Office.
6- Venture Capital Fund of Teknopark Istanbul, to be established very soon, will be providing financial support to its tenants. 
7- Incubation Center which has an area of 2.000 m2 provides office space and many others with zero-cost. 
8- State of the art joint research laboratory, GMP laboratory and clean room will be provided.
9- There are high off-set multipliers available for defence industry and hi-tech software products and services.
10- Mass production facility area (200.000 m2) will be provided for limited number of tenants
11- The following amenities will be provided:  education/training centers, quality infrastructure and business services (security, cleaning, insurance, maintenance and landscape design), meeting and conference facilities (hotels, cultural and conference centers), opportunities for social, cultural, and sport activities and special events (parks, tennis courts, school for gifted children), supporting companies for our tenants (banks, cargo services, travel agents, security, restaurants and cafes, etc)
12- Teknopark Istanbul is a green technopark with its 1.5 million m2 forest area and all companies can benefit from this facility. 
13- Companies will be in the center of a newly-developing area with luxury buildings.

Our Criteria for Establishment
1- Stripped away from corporate bureaucracy
2- Full support for entrepreneurship and novelty 
3- Synchronized with the global knowledge economy 
4- Prioritizing development of high-value goods leading to export 
5- Open to multi-national and global companies that are drivers in their sectors 
6- Green awareness and preservation of the nature 
7- A high-quality and professional working environment 
8- No monopolies; fostering fair technological and economical competition 
9- Productization and commercialization of knowledge and emerging technologies 
10- Focus on multi-purpose, dual-use technologies
11- Repurposing and transformation of core technologies and products used by one sector (e.g. automotive) to others (e.g. air and space)

1. Olduk
1. Olduk