Advanced Verification Services, ASIC/FPGA Design & Verification Services,

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Advanced Verification Services, ASIC/FPGA Design & Verification Services,

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Advanced Verification Services, ASIC/FPGA Design & Verification Services, PCB Design & Verification Services

Our Team has the experience of working with global multinational companies. We have been working on consumer, automotive, mobile connectivity (WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS), and defense projects since 1995.

Our Mission is to provide professional engineering services to meet the expectations and requests of our shareholders by meeting national and international standards and regulations. 

Our Vision is to be a value adding and preferred company for our shareholders. 


1- Project Management: We have worked in large projects in large enterprises in the past where many different remote teams had to communicate with each other. We have been in team member, project leader and project manager and even customer roles in those large projects. We know how and why projects fail and how and why they succeed. We have seen different Product Life Cycle, New Product Development processes of large enterprises and used them. We have project managers in the team holding PMP certificates who had managed many multi-site projects in the past. When it comes to IC/FPGA projects, project management is one of our key differentiator. 

2- Requirements Management and Tracing: We know that quality of a project is linked directly to requirements defined at the beginning of a project. Requirements management is not just something we do at the beginning of a project, document it and forget about it. Requirements are the skeleton of a project and everything is built around and on top of requirements. We trace the requirements at each phase of a project to make sure that everything is on track and under control. This way of working also gives clear visibility of the status of a project both to us and to our customers. 

3- DO-254: RTCA/DO-254, Design Assurance Guidance For Airborne Electronic Hardware is a document providing guidance for the development of airborne electronic hardware, published by RTCA, Incorporated. Having worked in avionic projects, we had the experience to use DO-254 guidance for hardware development. We created lots of documents required by DO-254. We can apply and help you deploy DO-254 in your hardware development projects. We believe that if the weight of the documentation is equal to the weight of the aircraft, the aircraft will fly! 

4- ASIC/FPGA Validation: We’ve been actively managing ASIC prototyping projects using FPGAs. We know how RTL test cases can be reused in an FPGA validation environment. FPGA validation environment developed before ASIC sign-off can be re-used when the prototypes are back from the fab. We have been taking the responsibility of leading the FPGA validation of complex combo SoC (Eg.WiFi+BT+FM Radio) projects. Similarly, in a pure FPGA targeted project we can take the responsibility of the whole FPGA validation, we have the right skilled people, IT infrastucture and the laboratory environment for high quality FPGA validation.