Broadcasting, Telecommunications, Defence Industry, Satellite Systems

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Broadcasting, Telecommunications, Defence Industry, Satellite Systems
Field of Activities:
Broadcasting, Telecommunications, Defence Industry, Satellite Systems

SVS Telekom Satellite Communications was established in 1995 by an expert team. Until the day it was established, including Turkey, European, Middle Eastern, Asian, African and South American markets operates through the following job description: 

- Mobile and fixed- motorized satellite antenna systems (RXTX) design and production
- Satellite communications equipment and software design and production
- Satellite communications systems integration
- RF solution partner
- International technical service center
- Electronic, electromechanical and mechanical design office 

SVS Telekom, especially in the international market of mobile satellite communications antenna system manufacturer and system integrator has a significant brand value. Located in operation group of customers and references; 

1- Defense Industry: Undersecretariat for Defense Industries and the Ministry of Defense procurement and development projects as a subcontractor of the main contractor are continuing our activities. At many domestic actors, including Aselsan, in cooperation with our subsidiary ready product portfolio through product development capacity, as well as many special design of the project has been already. Globecomm, Thales, Actia SODIELEC actors such as the defense industry, especially some international references and our market share is increasing every day. 

2- Satellite and Telecom Operators: SVS Telekom as its inception, this time as a system integrator primarily Arabsat, Eutelsat, Yahsat, Nilesat, Azercosmos, Turksat as satellite operators and Qatar Telecom, Monaco Telecom, Etisalat, Roshan Telecom, Gabon Telecom, Orange Telecom, superonline Turk Telekom as telecom operators are realizing that the key solution for RF projects Our partnership Arabsat this time from the year 2013 as the system integrator is an international dating. 

3- Publishers: SVS brand primarily NTV, Show TV, Kanal D, ATV, Digiturk, CNN Turk as well as national and regional publishers including Pakistan State Television, Yemen State TV, Al Jazeera, Baghdad TV as well as many international broadcasters, DSNG vehicle manufacturer, systems integrator, equipment suppliers, custom RF solutions provider has an important place. Especially used in Turkey for a large part of the DSNG vehicles are manufactured by SVS Telekom. 

4- Integrators: Different frequency bands and usage of mobile satellite communications antenna system developed for the international competitiveness as a manufacturer of our affiliates within the regional system integrator has been working as an OEM manufacturer of antennas. 

SVS Telekom in the present context, the fully developed with local engineering and craftsmanship of our antenna systems and electronic devices all over the world by different brands of our own brand values are very proud to be being touted. 

• Fixed and Mobile Satellite Communication Systems 
• DTH Headend Solutions 
• Turnkey Earth Stations 
• DSNG Vehicle and Production Private Satellite Communication Tools 
• VSAT Systems 

Fixed Earth Station Equipment Supply and Installation Fixed Ground Station 
Uplink and Downlink Systems 
VSAT Systems Equipment Supply and Installation of VSAT Station 
Drive Away and Fly Away Antenna Systems 
Ka Band Antenna Systems and Capacities
DSNG (Digital Satellite News Gathering) Vehicle 
Custom Design Antennas and Antenna Systems
NMS Solutions 
Video/Audio Distribution/Contribution 
And OTT IPTV Headend Solutions 
Electronic RF Equipment Supply 
Publishing 3G/4G Devices 
ETO (Engineering to order) Solutions