Embedded Systems, Mobile Technologies

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Embedded Systems, Mobile Technologies
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Embedded Systems, Mobile Technologies

Indoora provides high-accuracy positioning service for smartphones within indoor spaces where GPS does not work. 

The team members have worked in localization, mapping and robotics areas, which form the basis of indoor positioning technologies, during their academic studies. Starting with a WiFi-based indoor localization algorithm which is one of the most accurate in the world with its submeter accuracy, Indoora is now working on an hybrid positioning technology to provide cross platform, high precision cloud-base solution for a wide range of mobile platforms. 

Its patent pending positioning technology helps users find their way in complex buildings such as shopping malls, airports and exhibition centers. Indoora also offers navigation, location-based information/advertisement services via push notifications, and customer behavior analytics. The technology will be available as a SDK and can be easily integrated to 3rd party apps. 

By closing the gap between online advertisement and brick-and-mortar sales, Indoora’s positioning technology and location-based services will change the way that retailers and brands think about marketing and customer experience.