Kastamonu Entegre

Location Block C
Establishment 1969
Employee 4

(532) 263-94-76

Web www.kastamonuentegre.com.tr
E mail info@keas.com.tr


Kastamonu Entegre

Kastamonu Entegre which is one of the two big multinational enterprises of Hayat Holding, was established in year 1969 for the industrial production of wooden based panels. Kastamonu Entegre which is manufacturing laminate flooring, skirtings, raw MDF and particle board, melamine coated MDF and particle board, fire resistant MDF and particle board, humidity resistant MDF and particle board, painted panels, decorative panels, glossy panels, tops, door panels for the needs of the furniture, decoration and construction sectors. The company which is  strengthened by the energy, knowledge and experience of its 6000 employees is exporting to 100 countries from America to China and is placed as the 40th on The First 500 Industrial Enterprises List of the Istanbul Chamber of Industry,2017.

Kastamonu Entegre has  19 factories at 7 countries and 14 different locations such as in Turkey, MDF and particle board at Gebze and Kastamonu, particle board at Balikesir, Samsun and Tarsus, MDF at Adana and overseas, door panels and particle boards in Romania, kraft paper in Bosnia Herzegovina, particle boards in Bulgaria,  MDF in Russia, particle boards in Italy and wood chips in U.S.A.

It is placed as the 1st in Turkey, the 4th in Europe and the 7th in the world with the yearly production capacity is in total 5 million cubic meters of wood based panels, 70 million square meters are laminate flooring, 19.5 million are door panels. The daily production of laminate flooring, wood based panels and door panels is sufficient for the flooring, furniture and interior doors of 3000 houses.