Makro Aero

Location 1 C  - 4 th Floor  1408
Establishment 2006
Employee 5
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Makro Aero

MAKRO AERO is provider to aviation, defense and logistics industries. We are a manufacturing and engineering company that provide Aircraft and Helicopter Access Stands and Platforms, Aircraft Maintenance Docking and Painting Docking Systems, MRO Tools and Ground Support Equipments (GSE) to civil – military, business aviation and MRO companies. We offer technically proven, cost effective solutions and innovative products to our customers to meet their engineering and operational challenges in their daily operations. Our solutions are dependable and affordable.

We retain in-house design capability and offer both standard and custom-made products to our customers. We aim to increase effectiveness, efficiency and safety when designing our products. Our products serve both wide body and narrow body aircrafts.

Our product portfolio provides effective and efficient access solutions to all areas of aircrafts and helicopters that need to be reached by the technicians. We offer multiple solutions to be chosen by the customer at his dicretion.

As MAKRO AERO we take safety first and foremost. Therefore, we make sure that our products are built with the highest quality and standards.  The raw material and the supplies we use are of high grade and meet our and our customers` quality standards. We always make sure our products comply with standards stipulated by the customer. MAKRO AERO is a ISO 9001:2015 certified company.

We strongly believe in the power of communication. We do not simply offer a standard product to a customer. We first communicate to understand the customer’s needs and make sure s/he receives the best solution. That’s why we allocate significant portion of our time to interact with the customer. We always welcome customer involvement and participation in the process.

We stand by the customer during the employment of our products and systems. Be it Access Stands, Platforms, Maintenance Docking & Painting Docking Systems, MRO Tool Design & Manufacture, GSE or Logistics Services we observe that solutions bring value to our customers’ business operations.



Aircraft and Helicopter Access Stands and Platforms


Aircraft Maintenance Docking and Painting Docking Systems


MRO Tools


Ground Support Equipments (GSE)




Manufacturing Services:

•Intra Logistics Equipment Production

•Steel Construction

•Tubular Structures

•Material & Cargo Handling

•Towers, Self-Supporting Structures and Carriages



Engineering Services:

•Development of Design Specifications

•Design and Product Development

•Design Review & Assessments & Verification

•Standards Application & Compliance Checks

•System Architecture and Analysis

•Independent Technical Assessments



Independent Third-Party Services:

•Operation and Factory Acceptance Tests

•Construction & Installation Surveys

•Assistance and Support Services



Project & Contract Management Services:

•Consultancy for Military Procurement Laws & Regulations & Procedures

•Procurement & Supply Audits

•Contract Management & Close Out Activities & Arbitration

•Contract Negotiations

•Vendor Sourcing & Analysis

•Progress Payment Reviews & Audits



We welcome all opportunities to serve and to cooperate in aviation, defense and logistics.