Field of Activities

Industrial Software Solutions

MENS’s primary business is to develop software specific to supply chain optimization and system integration. Particulary, Tourism, Healthcare, Logistics, Aviation, Marine and Finance are the particular sectors that MENS A.Ş targets. 

MENS A.Ş, is fully certiifed to the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management Systems, ISO 20000:2011 Information Technologies Service Management System and ISO27001:2006 Information Security Management Systems. 


“” is an electronic sourcing platform. It is an ideal solution for the small and medium sized firms (KOBİ) which cannot efford the heavy costs of ERP systems demanding long time, sophisticated deployment and expensive maintenance. It is an ideal solution also for the multi-location corporates to enjoy economics of scale by invigorating the central procurement. b2btender is a formula that the firms can source everything under the sun with sustainable savings around 15% on annual basis. It has unique differentiations making the life a world easier for the sourcing organizations.