Ship Building, Defense, Aerospace, Energy, Maritime

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Ship Building, Defense, Aerospace, Energy, Maritime

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Ship Building, Defense, Aerospace, Energy, Maritime

Milper is a research and development company established in 2011, to create know-how required for designing, developing and manufacturing of fixed pitch and controllable pitch propellers and also shaft systems. 

Along with propeller and shaft systems, Milper also works on design and acoustic analysis of exhaust silencers, which is another branch that needs advanced engineering and analysis backgrounds. 

Milper also develops a propeller design software, which combines multiple propeller design jobs like series propeller design and wake adapted propeller design in one software package. 

Milper’s mission is to be a leader propeller and shaft design company in Turkey, and to be a R&D center in Ship Building, Defense, Aerospace, Energy and Maritime sectors. 

Milper’s vision is to be a pioneering company in design, analysis, optimization and project management using our advanced engineering and analysis capabilities, including computational fluid dynamics, structural, acoustic and vibrational analysis, in Turkey and Europe. 

• Fixed Pitch Propeller and Shaft Systems 
• Controllable Pitch Propeller and Shaft Systems 
• Main Engine and Auxilary Engines Silencers 
• Propeller Design Software 
• 3d Printed Prototyping 

• Fixed Pitch Propeller Design 
• Controllable Pitch Propeller Design 
• Shaft Design 
• Silencer Design 
• Linear Waterjet Design 
• Contra-rotating Propeller Design  
• Computational Fluid Dynamics Analysis 
• Structural and Vibrations Analysis 
• Fluid-Solid Interaction Analysis 
• Acoustic Analysis 
• Hull Form Optimization 
• Turbine Fin Optimization  
• Rapid Prototyping using 3D Printing Technology  
• Reverse Engineering using 3D Scanning Technology 
• Torque and RPM Measurements 
• Quality Control using 3D Scanning